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          • High Fiber & Slendesta
          • Good Nutrition
          • Block Hunger
          • Consist of 22 Vitamins & Minerals
          • Great Taste

            You may think that IdealShape is just another meal replacement shake that has similar features like other products. However, before you judge a product based on the exterior look only, you need to take a look at the ingredients. After all, it is the ingredients that play important role in boosting your energy as well as suppressing your appetite.

            This shake isn’t just about shakes that will leave you still famished after consumption. With this shake, you can really feel your energy built up without compromising your performance at all.

            If you want to stay healthy, fit, focused, energized, and being able to lose weight at the same time, consuming this shake should be included within your everyday activity.


            IdealShape Ingredients

            One of the main important things about choosing the right shake is about the ingredients. IdealShape does not only come with minerals and vitamins, it also contains high level of fiber and Slendesta, a special substance that can help you control your appetite. With this ingredient, there is no more craving. Listed bellow, the ingredients and benefits you can get from IdealShape shake.

            • Slendesta helps you control your appetite so you don’t easily get hungry and crave.
            • The natural potato extract is healthy and completely natural so you don’t have to worry about any side effects
            • The shake also contains whey protein, which is good to make you feel full for longer period as well as helping you build muscles. As we all know, protein is the most important substance to fix and build muscles and body systems.
            • Whey protein also helps making your blood sugar level go balanced and steady, while improving the performance and growth of nails, hair, skin, and also brain.
            • The healthy contents will also help boost your energy level, so you won’t be overly hungry although you don’t consume as much as before.


            Another great thing about this shake is the fact that it is packed with more than 21 different types of minerals and vitamins, which are good for your immune and digestive system. With different vitamins that can do good things for your health, don’t be surprised if your immune system is strengthened.

            Moreover, the minerals and the fibers can also fix and boost the digestive system, making it better, healthier, and more reliable. The absorption of nutrient is getting better; not to mention that digestive process will be aided and assisted to the maximum level.

            Expect healthy contents, such as vitamin A and D, as well as magnesium, calcium, folate, phosphorus, copper, and many others. Moreover, since this product is considered as a meal replacement item – which means that it should contain all the important substances – you can enjoy the combination of minerals, proteins, and also vitamins.

            It is said that the shake has around 60% to 70% of the daily vitamin needs within a serving, including 12 grams of protein. Great news is that it only has 110 calories with 2 grams of sugar, so you won’t have to worry about weight gain.

            IdealShake Nutrition Facts (Click on the image to view larger size)

            Appetite Suppressant

            The main reason why this shake becomes an appetite blocker is because of the Slendesta. It is a protein extract from potato that can block your crave and hunger. This special fiber is able to make you stay full for longer period of time, preventing craving and overeating. So, it is a great addition to your diet plan. Find out more about Slendesta here!

            Since the shake is also filled with protein, you can limit your consumption while building up muscles at the same time. Muscles help the body burn more calories. So not only your intake is being reduced, you can expect to burn more calories more efficiently and healthily.


            There are lots of meal replacement shakes that we have tried. IdealShape is one of products that offers really tasty shakes. It also offer various flavors. Mainly, it is available in some different flavors, they are Chocolate, Chocolate Cream Pie, Strawberry, Mocha, Vanilla, Cookies ‘N Cream, Orange Cream, Salted Caramel, and the new Chocolate Peanut Butter taste. And of course, each flavor offers the same amount of appetite blocker, nutrition, vitamins, minerals as well as the price.


            A shake with a shaker bottle (worth $9) are sold around $49.99. The retail price is around $59.99, so you can save $10 for 30 servings of IdealShape shake. Each serving of the shake only costs aroung $1.6 which is very great in term of price.

            You can also get the shake for as low as $1.33 per serving if you buy the 120 servings pack which is contains 4 (four) shakes (including a FREE IdealPlan eBook, FREE Smoothie Recipes Volume 2 eBook and also a FREE shaker bottle). The pack is sold around $160. Click here for more info about the pricing.

            Coupon Codes

            And the good news is you can cut the price even more using the coupon codes bellow. These codes allows you to get IdealShape at the best price. Click on the button to reveal the code. Please note: you have to enable Javascript on your browser to show the coupon.

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            Success Stories

            If you want a shake that can improve your health as well as help you build muscle and lose weight, this IdealShape is the best option for you. It has been proven by lots of people as you can see on the following success stories.

            Where to Buy IdealShape

            For the best price, IdealShape shake is ONLY available at the official website. Perhaps, it is available at the other online stores. However, the price might slightly higher. And you may also miss a chance to get a FREE IdealPlan eBook, FREE Smoothie Recipes Volume 2 eBook and also a FREE shaker bottle which are only avaiable on the official site.

            Buy IdealShape Now

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            9 thoughts on “IdealShape Review

            1. Tracie

              I was super excited about getting these shakes and trying them. The taste was good and it suppressed my appetite, but it gave me serious GI issues. In researching I have found a lot of people are having the same issues due to the sucralose, I wish they would omit this ingredient, it would be the perfect shake if they did.

            2. Jessica



              Appetite Suppressant






              I decided to try meal replacement shakes and did some research before I invested. I got a few trial packs of shakeology to try and ordered the chocolate IdealShake. Between the vanilla, strawberry, mocha and chocolate shakeology, the chocolate was the best. However, even after adding water and unsweetened coconut milk, shakeology was very thick and had a strange aftertaste, not to mention it was gritty even after blending it in my nutribullet. Today was my first time trying the IdealShake. WOW! What a difference. It was thinner, there was no gritty texture and no aftertaste. I added a banana, frozen strawberries, water and coconut milk and it tasted like I was drinking chocolate milk. It was fantastic. I will never order shakeology. IdealShake all the way!

            3. Wendy arevalo

              Is this better than isagenix for loosing weight and leaning out? The price is too good to be true for the same quality as shackology and isagenix!

            4. Sharon Sanchez

              I ordered the Vanilla and it tastes disgusting no matter what I put in it. Is there a way to send it back or get my money back?

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