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310 Shake

310 Shake



    Appetite Suppressant







          • Quality of ingredients
          • Tri-Plex™ proteins
          • Less sugar

            Meal replacement should not only beneficial to lose weight but also to maintain health and that’s exactly what 310 Shake offers. It made from the finest natural ingredients brought from all over the world. This shake definitely satisfies your hunger unlike anything else you may have tried before.

            With its nutritious substances that include patented prebiotic fiber and Tri-PlexTM protein, it delivers maximum benefit to sustain health and control weight. This in turn, serves you with great benefits to stay fit all day long regardless of many activities you may need to do. Do you want to see more how 310 can change the way you think of dieting and staying healthy? Find out more below.

            310 Shake

            310 Shake Ingredients

            Good products are always made from good ingredients like 310 Shake. With 90 calories per serving, it delivers various health benefits from top ingredients as followed.

            • Tri Protein complex is a mix of three types of protein contained in the product. They are milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate and also whey protein isolate. These three proteins offer essential amount of amino acids that human need.
            • Fiber blend which is a mixture of three different fibers that include Xanthan gum, Cellulose gum and also Fibersol 2. The Fibersol for instance, is not digestible so that it doesn’t provide any calories. This helps you to stay slim and lose weight after few times of consuming. It is possible since it is made from sugar maltodextrin.
            • Vitamin blend which is a variety of vitamins essential for the body especially to obtain enough antioxidant. Some of the vitamins are vitamin C, E, A, B6, D, B12, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, folic acid and pantothenic acid.
            • 310 contains salt
            • More other ingredients include Pea protein, organic stevia leaf extract and also the monk fruit extract
            • With natural flavors, 310 Shake offers much better taste especially for those who crave for organic taste

            High Fiber Shake

            How does 310 come as high fiber shake? The answer is simple. It’s because 310 shake provides 5 grams of fiber each scoop which means it’s 20% of human’s daily value. And based on the FDA that amount is considered high. Of course, high fiber means a lot, in a good way. First, it helps to increase and maintain good metabolism. It’s great solution for anyone having problems eating fruits or vegetables in enough amount every day.

            Appetite Blocker

            From its ingredients, it’s easy to know how this product can serve benefit to block and suppress appetite making it perfect for anyone in diet. The secret lies on the excellent protein mixture which they call the Tri-Plex blend consisting of milk protein, pea protein and whey isolate.

            According to scientific studies, this mixture has shown effective result related to appetite suppression. More detailed, you should see the substance contained in the pea protein which is yellow pea plant from southeast India.

            This flavorless pea plant is significantly able to reduce the level of ghrelin, a hormone in your brain which signals hungry. With this kind of excellent ingredients, no wonder this product has been helping a lot of people to lose weight and stay fit.

            There will no worries about craving food in the middle of the night that can destroy your diet.


            Good meal replacement shakes should come with good taste and that’s what 310 offers. It comes with four different flavors. They are vanilla, mocha, chocolate and the strawberry flavor that you can choose for.

            Each flavor is added with special sweeteners from stefia leaf extract for better taste and less calories knowing that this leaf contains much lower calories compared to sugar.


            How much do you need to pay for this advantageous shake? Well, it is around $82. Per container of 310 Shake is available for 28 servings which is enough to last one month. The cost per serving for this shake is about $2.92 which we think is a little bit pricy. However it is definitely a good deal considering the greatness of this product has to offer to you.

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