Ideal Shape vs Isagenix Comparison

This time we’ll be comparing Ideal Shape vs Isagenix, the two popular products among the tons meal replacement shakes available these days. Which is better between them? Let’s find out!

Idealshape has done a remarkable job with the shake, which is why it turns out to be one among the more favorable meal replacement products.

It was known as one of the most respectable meal replacement shakes. We have heard a lot of good things about this product. The fact that it offers many benefits in affordable price is also a great plus.

Isagenix in the other hand has been boasting about the Whey protein’s quality used in their shakes. They claimed that it comes from New Zealand’s grass fed cows.

The good thing about using milk out of grass fed cows is the fact that it contain excellent amino acid profile and are free from any harmful substance that caused by unhealthy growth.

Even so, there is some hype surrounding the Isagenix shake, probably due to their marketing strategy, which using network marketing. So, if you’re seriously thinking about giving it a try, don’t do it before you know what you’re going to get.

Ideal Shape vs Isagenix

Ideal Shape vs Isagenix Comparison Table

First, let’s recap this Ideal Shape vs Isagenix Comparison using the following table.

InfoIdealShape Shake
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Isagenix Isalean Shake
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Serving Size (scoops)12
Servings Per Container3014
Grams per Serving28 g61 g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat3.5 g6 g
Cholesterol10 mg45 mg
Sodium210 mg265 mg
Potassium210 mg430 mg
Total Carbohydrate11 g24 g
Dietary Fiber5 g8 g
Sugars1 g11 g
Protein11 g24 g
Our Rating 9.69.3
Price *$49.99
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Cost Per Meal$1.33$3.64
Coupon AvailabilityGet Coupon


IdealShape provides 50% of your RDI from 21 minerals and vitamins, and also 11 grams of protein of each serving. I’m not quite sure where the sweet taste of the chocolate flavored shake comes from.

But I’m pretty convinced that wasn’t from the 2 g of sugar, which very low amount of sugar for a meal replacement shake. And for overall health improvement, the shake also consists of 5 g of fiber.

This shake seems to do all that a meal replacement product should do in terms of nutrition.

We could say that the Isagenix is quite high in protein. This can be seen from the product’s basic nutrition label. The product includes 24 g of protein, which is about 48% of the required daily protein intake. But to make the most out of the 24 protein, you’ll need to combine the shake intake with workout routines.

If you don’t have any medical issues, then this shake would be a recommended choice for you. This is because it has all the needed ingredients that a good meal replacement product should have.

Appetite Blocker

To block your hunger, IdealShape uses a combination of fibers and starches. The shake mostly uses Slendesta, which is a natural hunger blocker extracted from white potatoes. Slendesta is a natural protein extract that make possible your brain to launch Cholecystokinin (CCK) into your body.

Cholecystokinin is the hormone which tells you that your body is full. Not only that it help us prevent starvation, after drinking the shake, you’ll feel that you have more energy.

As for Isagenix, their shake uses 8g of fiber and chromium for the appetite blocker with quite satisfying results. It could definitely help most customers feel full to a certain extent. Even so, it could not last as long as the other shakes.

The shake is also known to have so many calories due to the high amount of protein. You need to remember that if protein is not processed by your body, it will ultimately be saved as fat. So, unless you’re doing some strenuous workouts or weight lifting, too much protein is not doing you any good.


The most favorable flavor of Idealshape’s shake is the chocolate flavor, though many people love the vanilla flavor as well. You could also mix the shake with some milk or other beverage that you enjoy to get a better tasting shake. There are also other flavors available, they are strawberry and mocca.
As for Isagenix shake’s taste, many people favored the Vanilla flavor, though some thinks it is too sweet. This is because there’s 16 g of sugar in each serving, which is just a bit too high. Of course, the higher the sugar means better tasting product, which evidently make most customers pretty impressed.


The IdealShape is undoubtedly one among the cheapest shakes in today’s market. For only $49.99 you can get 1 month supply (30 servings). That means it is only cost you $1.50 for each serving.

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Isagenix shake on the other hand, priced at $51 for 14 servings. This means it cost almost $3.64 per serving. The price is just not affordable for some customers regardless how excellent they might be.

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Most Idealshape consumers found that the shake have been doing a great job in making them stay full for the most part. Of course, there are other shakes with better quality, but this one is quite cheap considering what it has to offer.

So, even if you think that the shake isn’t for you after you try it, it would not waste too much money. This shake would also be a good pick for people who just start incorporating meal replacement shake into their diet.

Isagenix shake is also a good option because it has great protein blend that most dieters need. However, with the high sugar, high sodium ratio and high fructose involved, in addition to the 240 calories up on the label, it isn’t exactly the most excellent meal replacement product available today.

When it comes to choosing between Idealshape vs Isagenix, the choice should be depend on what you’re looking for in a meal replacement shake. However, we can concluded IdealShape is better than Isagenix.

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