Idealshape vs GNC Comparison

Are you confused in choosing between Idealshape vs GNC Lean Shake? This comparison should be able to help you decide. It’s not easy to find an effective meal replacement shake with good quality and cheap price, yet Idealshape give you just that.

That is why this shake is highly recommended meal replacement product. This is not only because it is one of the cheapest products in its category, but also because it has the nutritional value needed by most dieters.

GNC Total Lean Shake in the other hand, claimed to be the new level of innovations in wellness product category. The shake is made for people who are trying to gain muscle definition and tone and are looking to find a new tool to help them with their weight loss program.

They claimed that they have created a science-tested diet and fitness solutions with efficient, fast-working formulations. It claimed to help you reach your diet and fitness goals by burning calories, fueling lean muscle and fat metabolism, and also stimulating energy.

IdealShape vs Gnc Total Lean Shake

IdealShape vs GNC Comparison Table

First, let’s recap this IdealShape vs GNC Comparison using the following table.

InfoIdealShape Shake
Gnc Total Lean Shake
Serving Size (scoops)12
Servings Per Container3016
Grams per Serving28 g48 g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat3.5 g2 g
Cholesterol10 mg5 mg
Sodium210 mg100 mg
Potassium210 mg150 mg
Total Carbohydrate11 g30 g
Dietary Fiber5 g8 g
Sugars1 g4 g
Protein11 g9 g
Our Rating 9.69.5
Price *$49.99
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Cost Per Meal$1.33$1.81
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IdealShape contains about 120 calories for each serving, which gives you a lot of space to add extra ingredients for shake mixing. The fact that it contains 22 vitamins and minerals which makes this shake a fairly nutritious meal replacement.

Also, you could interchange the vitamins within your meal with the 60 to 70% of your RDI from each serving. In short, the shake kept you full with the minerals and vitamins content, help avoid unneeded food substance, and stay away from unneeded food fillers altogether.

GNC Lean Shake
GNC shake is basically a protein drink that contain clinically proven ingredient that known to help burn extra calories as charging your metabolism for fast and energizing results. This cutting edge formulation gives you 30 g of pure whey protein isolate that help muscle recovery and build lean muscle. It is appropriate for low carbohydrate diets with only 11 g of carbs in total for each serving.

This product also consists of approximately 200 calories for a serving which is quite excellent. They are also has great amount of minerals and vitamins contents.

Appetite Blocker

When it comes to appetite blocker, Idealshape did a terrific job. To help you stay full till the next meal, the shake includes 5 g of fiber. Simply by taking a glass of shake, you would stay full for several hours, which avoid you from snacking. Many people who have tried the shake said that their hunger stay under control for a good 3 to 4 hours, which help them make it through to the next meal. If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective meal replacement product, this shake should be a good option.
GNC Lean Shake
As for the GNC, their shake includes patented formulas that are rich of fiber and would help you stay full for a few hours so you could avoid snacking in between meals and would eat less. For appetite blocker, the shake uses a mix of dietary and soluble fiber. Even so, appetite blocker did not seem to totally fill us up immediately after you drink the shake. Beside the fiber, GNC does not include other hunger blocker, so their shake is not considered doing very well in hunger blocker department.


IdealShape is available in 3 common basic flavors, which is vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. But they offer smoothie recipe book for free if you want to get a different taste out of the standard shakes.
GNC Lean Shake
there is nothing special about the taste of their shake. Their chocolate shake was a bit gritty and had a kind of chalky aftertaste. The chalky aftertaste makes it more like protein shake instead of a meal replacement shake.


For those who are looking for a cheap meal replacement product, IdealShape shake is definitely a good choice. Only by spending less than $50, you’ll get a month worth of supply or about $ 1.50 for each serving. The price is definitely a bargain.

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GNC Lean Shake
The GNC Lean Shake might also seem like a bargain priced at $28.88 per tub, yet it’s only for 16 servings. This means that you’re spending about $1.81 for each serving.

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Most consumers seem to be quite satisfied with Idealshape shakes. The fact that it does help them to stay full in between meals is a great point for this product. There’s no doubt that there are other product with similar or better quality, but it’s hard to find one with better price.

So, even if you’re just trying it out and decide that it’s not for you, you won’t feel like you’re wasting too much money. And if you’re a meal replacement’s first timer, then IdealShape would be a perfect choice.

GNC Lean shake is also quite an excellent product in terms of nutritional value. The fact that it contains clinically proven ingredients with so many benefits really makes this shake worthy of your consideration.

But in my personal opinion, the nutritional values offered by GNC is not much different with those offered by Idealshape. Hoever, the price and the taste of the GNC shakes seem to be lacking as compare to the Idealshape shakes.

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  1. Janell

    Your nutrition information on the GNC total lean shake is wrong. I have the tub right in front of me for the cookies and cream.
    Fat 3 grams
    sodium 150 g
    potassium 220g
    Carb 17 grams
    sugars 3 g
    Protein 25

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