IdealShape vs Herbalife Comparison

If you’re having a hard time deciding between Idealshape vs Herbalife, or other meal replacement shakes, this article might be able to help you. If you’re a wellness enthusiast, you might hear about Idealshape, one of the most favorable meal replacement shake available today.

In its category, this shake certainly stands out among the crowd. There are a lot of good thing we have heard about this particular product. Not only about its cheap price, but also about the benefits that comes with the price.

As for Herbalife shake, the company mentioned that it consist of fiber, protein as well as essential vitamins that would help support cell growth production and restore, and also support metabolism. This implies that Herbalife shake is a meal replacement shake and not a protein shake. Meal replacements are meant for use by individuals who don’t have the time to prepare and eat actual food. This kind of product also normally used as after-exercise beverage.

IdealShape vs Herbalife Comparison

IdealShape vs Herbalife Comparison Table

First, let’s recap this IdealShape vs Herbalife Comparison using the following table.

InfoIdealShape Shake
Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Mix
Serving Size (scoops)12
Servings Per Container3030
Grams per Serving28 g27 g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat3.5 g1 g
Cholesterol10 mg0 mg
Sodium210 mg70 mg
Potassium210 mg145 mg
Total Carbohydrate11 g13 g
Dietary Fiber5 g4 g
Sugars1 g9 g
Protein11 g9 g
Our Rating 9.69
Price *$49.99
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Cost Per Meal$1.33$1.29
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IdealShape has 120 calories for each serving, which provides you plenty of room for other ingredients you might want to use for shake mixing and turn the shake into a smoothie. You can get a pretty nutritious shake if you incorporate the additional 21 vitamins onto the mix.

You’re really going to have the required nutrition in your meal, since the shake offer 60 to 70% of your RDI from the added vitamins. It definitely will fill you up with the added minerals and vitamins, avoid the relatively harmful substance, and avoid taking unhealthy fillers.

The best thing about the Herbalife shake is the fact that it is low in calorie, but it’s lacking in plenty of other departments. The shake contain only 9 g of protein, which is quite low, while contain also 9 g of sugar, which is quite high for a meal replacement.

Plus, they only consist of 25% of your RDI from minerals and vitamins, which is not so bad but not considered great either. We cannot consider the RDI percentage bad; however it’s definitely not as high as other similar products in the market.

Appetite Blocker

To fill you up, IdealShape includes 5 g of fiber. So, we can say that in terms of hunger blocker, it did an excellent job. We no longer require snacking, because just by drinking a glass of this shake, we’ll be able to stay full for few hours.

Some customers mentioned that are able to stay full for 3 to 4 hours after taking the shake. This means that it would get us through to the following meal. For people who are looking for effective but cheap meal replacement product, this shake is highly recommended.

As for Herbalife, they use fiber content as their hunger blocker in amount of 3 to 4 grams, which is not enough to keep us full for few hours. Since we kind of expecting them to offer something great in this department, the fact that they only came up with little amount of fiber for hunger blocker was quite disappointing.

You will need to add other ingredients such as fruits or some kind of beverage into the mixture so it could be more satisfying. If not, the shake would only be considered as a snack.


IdealShape is available in four standard flavors of chocolate, strawberry, mocca and vanilla, just like most meal replacement shakes. They also provide a free smoothie recipe book you can use, if you’re bored of drinking the same kind of shake day by day.
As for Herbalife shake, it contains approximately 16 g of sugar for a serving, which most customers found quite tasty. But the shake suffered a bit due to the use of a quite small amount of real sugar.


If you’re looking for effective yet inexpensive meal replacement shake, then Idealshape is definitely for you. The price for each serving is only $1.33, since you only need to spend about $50 for one month worth of supply. This is definitely a lot cheaper when compare to buying a meal at a nearby restaurant.

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Herbalife offer cheaper price. They sell their shake at only $38.50 per tub for 30 days worth of supply, which is only $ 1.29 for each serving.

For a product sold using a multilevel marketing system, Herbalife shake is considered very cheap.

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Many Idealshape consumers considered their shake to be quite fulfilling. Of course, you could find other shake with better quality. However, this one is quite affordable when you considered its nutritional content and its effectiveness.

In other words, even if you want to stop taking the shake for a reason, you won’t feel like you waste too much money. And if you happen to be a rookie who wants to try a meal replacement shake for the first time. This shake is definitely for you.

What about Herbalife shake? Well, despite the goodness, some consumers considered the shake is simply a low calorie meal replacement product that doesn’t help much when it comes to weight reduction.

Remember, if you want a meal replacement that can help you lose weight, you would need one that can actually replace high calorie meals in terms of keeping you full. So, make sure when you know your goals before deciding whether to go for Idealshape vs. Herbalife.

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9 thoughts on “IdealShape vs Herbalife Comparison

  1. Sara K

    First of all Herbalife is a nutrition company that supports weight loss, gaining or maintaining weight. It just depends what the individual’s goal. This company helps people eat healthy, exercise and consume the shakes based on their goal. The protein is only 9grams because not all people are wanting to lose weight. It’s customizable depending on how much protein they need based on their daily calorie intake. This company helps individual to lose weight the healthy way 2-3lbs a week. Besides I didn’t put on 46lbs in 1month so I don’t expect it to like it overnight. Losing weight is a goal.. Getting healthy is a lifestyle. Herbalife is a way of life!

    • K.J.Patrick Conlin

      I have to agree with Sara K. It’s not just the product(s); it’s definitely the support you receive to help you get back on track! My only issue has been the controversy over soy protein isolate and how it affects testosterone levels. I’d love to here Dr. Ignaro’s take on this.

    • christie

      i’ve lost 35 pounds in two months with herbal life meal replacements, first id drink the aloe vera juice with warm water first, the tea, 1 scoop of the shake and half scoop of ideal shape shake for the vitamins, fiber, protein, then another 8 – 16 oz of water immediately after all of that.. .. both of those put together really helped my hunger control and didnt lose any hair from not having enough grams of protein.. i came from eating so much and couldnt seem to get motivated to stop eating so much and those two really helped me

  2. robert

    I have been using Herbalife for about 6 months and have lost app 15 pounds by doing 2 shakes a day and after about a week or two my appetite between meals completely disappeared and I was quite satisfied until my evening meal. I had my yearly physical in January and my doctor was impressed by how good my numbers looked. Since this was the only real change I made, I can only reason Herbalife made a sizable contribution to improving my general health.

  3. Christina

    With Herbalife you also have to buy protein powder to add to the meal replacement shake. It all adds up and gets pricey. Granted, the taste is really good but for some the price is hard to keep up with.

    • I agree with you Christina it is pricey. I liked the taste and did the 3 day trial pack…I did NOT loose any belly fat but gained…I lost in other areas that I didn’t want to loose. So thumbs down on that part.
      I’m looking for a meal replacement that targets the belly fat. Anyone know of any? And what about idealshape or cheaper version of it?? Just wondering and curious.

      • Lindsey King

        If you would like to target belly fat, Herbaife specifically makes a powerer for that. It is called Prolessa. They offer it in a 7 day trial pack and a 30 day supply. I’ve used Herbalife for six months now and can say this is what boosted cutting inches.

  4. Cyndi

    Kelly and Christina I am with you, I have spent about $700 yes $700, they told me I needed the shake, prolessa, protein mix then the tea then the liftoff pill, then the total control pill, etc., etc., The only thing I got from Herballife was a lot of missing money. I lost 2 lbs over a couple of months and I am always hungry. Cyndi F.

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