IdealShape vs Shakeology Comparison

Idealshape vs Shakeology seems like a fair competition since both are among the most popular options recommended by consumers. There is no doubt that IdealShape has done a really a great job with their shake, which immediately become one of the most favorable meal replacement shakes.

You can say that Idealshape shake is a quite dependable meal replacement shake. This statement sounds true, especially after we heard so many good things about it, such as its cheap price and its good amount of nutritional value.

Shakeology in the other hand has claimed to be a-premium nutritional shake that offers minerals, vitamins and the widest array of super foods from all over the world. Shakeology also claimed to provide the best healthy meal replacement products.

The shake includes a nutrition dose of 23 minerals and vitamins. The best thing about this shake is the fact that it has less calories yet more nutrient dense than similar product in the market.

Below we are comparing the nutrition, appetite blocker, taste and price between Shakeology and IdealShape to give you the overall view on the products.

IdealShape vs Shakeology

IdealShape vs Shakeology Comparison Table

First, let’s recap this IdealShape vs Shakeology Comparison using the following table.

More InfoIdealShape Shake
Read Reviews
Shakeology Shake
Read Reviews
Serving Size (scoops)11
Servings Per Container3030
Grams per Serving28 g42 g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat3.5 g2 g
Cholesterol10 mg0 mg
Sodium210 mg150 mg
Potassium210 mgn/a
Total Carbohydrate11 g17 g
Dietary Fiber5 g6 g
Sugars1 g6 g
Protein11 g17 g
Our Rating Total 9.69.2
Price *$49.99
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Cost Per Meal$1.66$4.33
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In terms of nutrition, IdealShape boasts 50% RDI from minerals and vitamins, and gives 11 g of protein for each serving. The fact that it contains a very low sugar was quite a surprise, considering the sweet taste of its chocolate flavor shake. It additionally contains 5 g of fiber for health enhancement.

In other words, the shake definitely meets the standard requirements when it comes to nutritional value. For people who wish to incorporate meal replacement products into their weight loss program, the nutritional value offered by Idealshape would be ideal.

Similar with Idealshape shakes, Shakeology shakes are also full of essential minerals and vitamins, which making it possible to give over 50% of your RDI per serving. So, in terms of nutrients, the shakes definitely stand out among the crowds.

Shakeology shakes has 160 calories with multiple non essential health nutrients like all types of fibers, grass, wheat grass, barley grass along with other natural nutrient for health purpose.

Appetite Blocker

To manage and block your appetite, IdealShape shake uses a mixture of a patented formula consist of starches and fibers. It mainly uses Slendesta as appetite suppression.

Slendesta is a white potato’s extract that are commonly used as natural appetite suppression. It assists your brain launch the Cholecystokinin hormone into your body, which making you feel full. What’s better about this appetite blocker is that it not only helps block our hunger yet also give extra energy.

Sadly there weren’t any significant appetite blocker ingredients in Shakeology shake other than fiber, though it does help us stay full for a few hours. You can expect a few hours free of thinking about getting something to eat or snacking after you drink the shake.

The fact that this shake only uses fibers as hunger blocker ingredient yet work perfectly is a big plus.


When it comes to taste, lots of Idealshape customers said that they enjoy the vanilla and the chocolate flavor the most. But you can always mix it with some milk or other drink to make it taste better.

In addition IdealShape shake also comes in other flavors, including Chocolate Cream Pie, Strawberry, Mocha, Cookies ‘N Cream, Orange Cream, Salted Caramel, and the new Chocolate Peanut Butter taste.

Shakeology is quite the same with IdealShape in terms of flavors. The shake is not only available in chocolate flavor, it also comes with other flavors like vanilla, green berry, vegan chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and tropical strawberry vegan flavor. So, there are various other flavor options available to choose for.

Though the chocolate flavor taste a bit better, but the green berry is quite unbearable for some customers because of its grassy taste.


In terms of the price, there aren’t many shakes that can match IdealShape. The shake is one of the cheapest meal replacement shakes. It only requires you to spend about $50 for one month supply, or about $ 1.50 for each serving.

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In contrary, a tub of Shakeology, which is a 30-day worth of supply came in at $129.95 or $4.33 per serving. That is probably one of the most expensive shakes.

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Idealshape received quite good feedback from most of its customers, which claimed that the shake help kept them full. Though you could find other shake with this kind of effectiveness, yet most of them cannot beat the price.

Let’s just say that you won’t be wasting too much money in case you stop taking the shake for some reason. IdealShape would also be a great choice for people who are just starting to include meal replacements into their diet.

The Shakeology however, stands out in terms of nutrients. But the bad news is that these shake mixes up very thick that requires you adding fluids as a mix. Unlike other shake’s brands that have been offering us standard flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, Shakeology offer more choices of flavors.

Unfortunately, some of them taste awful. The price of this particular shake is also very pricey. If you weighting your options between Idealshape vs. Shakeology, the choice should be made after you decide what you’re looking for in a meal replacement shake.

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56 thoughts on “IdealShape vs Shakeology Comparison

  1. Stephanie

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that Shakeology is available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and Greenberry and also has vegan flavor as well 🙂

  2. Ugie

    Shakeology has chocolate, vegan chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, vegan strawberry, and greenberry. I have tried all but greenberry and love them I also love that they keep you regular ( bathroom wise ) which is helpful. I do plan on trying the idealshake soon and will give a review on it too.

    • Sherry

      My friend and i had quite the opposite affect bathroom wise to where it made me very sick. As per the recommendation of numerous friends who are coaches i stopped and every time i tried to restart the same thing happened. So it isnt for everyone….although it tastes great

    • Erina

      Hi Joe. Thanks for the resource. According to me Slendesta is not affecting weight loss directly. I mean, it is not like fat burner or some sort of it.
      Slendesta helps you take control of your hunger. It makes you feel full longer. So you can manage your cravings.

    • Jesse

      Neither does a small amount of fiber as per Shakeology. I have had to use allot of Fiber to my diet due to digestion issues. I will tell you that it really takes allot of Fiber to make you feel full. That’s also if you don’t get the runs depending on the fiber..truly the key is real fats are what helps you not so much make you feel full but instead talk to the body and allowing you to go longer periods with out feeling hungry. Yet having some fiber in a shake is good for digestion system.

  3. Megan

    I have had all 5 flavors of Shakeology and would never say that any of them taste “awful”. I have my favorite and my least favorites. Also, there is not a “vegan flavor”. There is chocolate vegan and tropical strawberry vegan.

  4. Elizabeth

    I use Shakeology and lost 35 lbs, but it gets expensive and I’m looking to use Idealshake. Does anyone know if it contains any added substance that can have side effects? I trust Shakeology and I have a heart problem not anything major just exceleration so I don’t want to off set it.

  5. Z.s.

    Ideal shape shakes are ALL delicious and keep me full for 4-5 hrs. It can cause some GI upset but resolves after a few days of use. CHOCOLATE, MOCCA, STRAWBERRY, VANILLA, AND I JUST ORDERED PUMPKIN SPICE!!!

  6. Laura ewers

    I wanted to say I’m very excited about trying ideal shape. I had heard great reviews of shakeology. I however am part of the few that can NEVER use shakeology since they choose to use mushrooms in their product. I am deathly allegic. I am beyond excited that ideal shape doesn’t use mushrooms and can’t wait to try it. Getting it for xmas!!!!

    *** the fact shakeology has mushrooms and ideal shape doesn’t made the choice very easy for me. ***


    I have to say, I have allergies to certain proteins. The vegan flavors of Shakeology taste great. However, everyone is saying that it only lasts up to 2-3 hours. There is actually a reason for that. Beachbody seems to base all of their meal programs around Shakeology. It seems to be formulated to work with their programs. I have to say, it does work and well. I have lost over 24 lbs and it was the best thing I have every used and it doesn’t bother my stomach like other proteins. With most of their meal plans, they want you to eat every 2-3 hours. I like the price of Ideal shape however, I am not sure the ingredients are as dense and I am not a fan of blockers. The added probiotic and vitamins in Shakeology are definitely a plus! I love my shakes for breakfast. I add a banana and some PB2 for extra protein. Love them!!!!

  8. Toni

    I have been using idealshape for 4 months and I have lost 43 lbs. The price is right. The customer service is great. The shakes taste great. I am also involved in a Facebook group full of idealshape users and it’s wonderful. The shakes keep me full. Also there is a new cookies and cream flavor. Yummy.

  9. Chris

    I agree shakeology chocolate only kind I’ve tried .and did mix and try with multiple add ins and alone and couldn’t get past the chalky gross taste to finish more than 4 oz . Gross !! Idealshape is delicious and I love it even my toddler begs for a sip ! Price wise no brainer but price aside need to be able to get it down the hatch to be a good to you and shakeology wasn’t it ! Too each their own just my opinion

    • Larissa Dunham

      I disagree. I tried the chocolate yesterday and although I found it kind of bitter at first, I found it was better when I mixed with almond milk and used some ice cubes for the extra cold refreshing taste.

  10. Tab

    I’ve tried the vegan Shakeology and it wasn’t too bad tasting. Better then the other flavors. They were in my opinion horrible. I used the Shakeolgy about six months but couldn’t afford it any longer. I saw an add on Ideal Shape and decided to try it. The price is amazing and so was the taste! I tried the chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla is my favorite and I’m on my 6th tub! Love it because you can mix anything with it! The chocolate reminded me of a Wendy’s Frosty! Both shakes kept me full, but I like my pocketbook fuller more! Try the Ideal Shape Shakes!

  11. toyadove

    Ideal Shape tastes great. I find myself actually paying less than 50 per month because once I signed up there is always some deal to get all four flavors (4 months supply) for 100.00 bucks. I love it. However, I do not like the Ideal bars. They are disgusting. Ideal boost is good though. Overall, Ideal Shape is the best shake for your buck, tastes great, and comes with amazing recipe books. I’m loosing weight without going to the gym. I just joined the gym can’t wait to see what happens when I actually workout.

    Stay tuned.

  12. Tracy

    I have been a shakeology fan for 3 months and I loved it until it started to affect my vision I ended up going to the hospital and finally seeing an eye optic nerologist to examine my eyes. In the three months drinking these shakes my eyes went from blurry to shaking and double vision. It was so scary. Another friend of mine told me she was having the same issue and she too was drinking shakeology. I decided to stop it to see if that was the cause. In 3 weeks my eyes went back to normal. I went to the doctor and thank god there was no permanent damage. My friends eyes ended up crossing and she may need surgery but did stop the shake. Since I can no longer drink this I wanted to know if ideal would be OK to drink. I don’t want to go through what I went through again. It was very scary situation. Thank you

  13. Jill

    I have to say that I love my shakeology! The only one I’ve tried is cafe latte flavor, and I love it! However, it is very expensive. I’ve been looking into idealshape to cut costs, and was excited to see great reviews. I am a little disappointed to see they use splenda. Artificial sweeteners upset my stomach. So, I’m not sure about purchasing an entire month’s supply just to try it. Thank you for the reviews and comparisons. The comments were very helpful as well.

  14. Sb80

    I have tried many Shakeology flavors and liked none of them. Didn’t lose much weight with them, either. A lot of the people I knew who promoted Shakeology, were coaches on the pyramid scheme trying to get people to buy so they could make a profit. I love IdealShake and like the fact I can say that with an honest opinion with no catch. I don’t get paid, I don’t get my items at discount prices for my opinion. It’s just pure and honest.
    That being said, I LOVE the Mocha flavor. Just got Cookies and Cream and I am not a big fan of that flavor. I haven’t tried any other, but I will. I really like Idealshape and everything they promote. (Free exercises, for one… Can’t get that with Beachbody).. It really is a great company that delivers on its promises and not a get rich quick deal..

  15. Karen

    I too have been using Shakeology, but the cost is out of line. Looking forward to trying the Ideal Shake. Plus with Shakeology within 2 hours, hunger hits!

  16. Becca

    I did shakeology do awhile before I heard about ideal shake. I personally love ideal shake it keeps me full and taste good! When I did shako I didn’t care too much for some of the flavors and it wouldn’t keep me very full. Some of the flavors I tried made me feel sick. I think people need to choose what works for them but seeing how I’ve tried both for awhile ideal shake is definitely the one that works best for me.

  17. Emily

    Which shake would you choose if you are simply interested in nutrition, not weight loss necessarily? (Weight loss is fine just not a main focus)

  18. Angela Brown

    My husband and I are fresh in the meal replacement shake world and our first month used the Vanilla flavored Shakeology. We both were happy with the results and the taste was pleasantly pleasing. However, it is very expensive, considering we are both drinking them. We researched different meal replacement shakes that are more reasonably priced and this week after reading all of the positive reviews, are trying the Vanilla and Chocolate Idealshape Shake. We love both! Each of the flavors remind us of a Wendy’s Frosty. I actually researched the ingredients again because we couldn’t believe how sweet the shakes are. We are sold on Idealshape Shakes. I’m interested to see if our weight continues to drop. I have noticed that I forget about food for a few hours after having an Idealshape Shake, so I’m not consuming as many calories as I normally do. Hope this helps!

  19. Sarah P.

    I bought Shakeology because I heard great reviews about it. I’ve tried the following flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cafe late, greenberry, and tropical strawberry vegan. The cafe late was my favorite. Yummy! The tropical strawberry vegan was too bitter for my taste. I’m struggling to finish it. But I will finish it. I read bad reviews about the greenberry, but it wasn’t too bad. Some of the recipes with greenberry were quite delicious. I lost 10 lbs and have kept it off for 6 months now. My weight loss was noticeable enough that my gym instructor announced it to the class. I will try Ideal Shape next.

  20. jeanna

    I haven’t tried either but I like the better nutrition of shakeology but I like the cost of ideal shape. Idealshape has to many processed man made ingredients

  21. Kim

    I have tried numerous and I mean numerous shakes and all are pretty disgusting to me. I got the samples of Ideal shakes and omg they are delicious! I’m sold!!

  22. Cale

    Drinking an ideal shake right now, I chose vanilla and used dark chocolate almond milk, holy cow it’s delicious. You can actually get three months worth for $100. It’s $50 for one or $100 for three. Way cheaper than shakeology. People who think Splenda is dangerous need to actually research it. I’ve done shakeology and found this one works better for me, and my wallet. It’s really a no Brainer on which one to use. I will never go back to shakeology, the beach body workoutshop are great, but I get the same results with my people who use either shake.

  23. Taryn

    Processed = cheaper= always.
    Huge fan of Shakeology. I add almond milk, ice, and PB2, and occasional bananas. That’s my favorite combo. Yes, it’s costly, but I trust the brand. It’s not harsh on my stomach and actually helps with my IBS.

  24. Heather

    Shakeology now has a new flavor called Café Latte. That and the Chocolate are my favorite! I’m currently pregnant and am happy that my doctor said it was great to keep drinking my shakeology, and since I do I don’t need to take those icky prenatals.

    The biggest thing I noticed about Shakeology is how it had strengthened my immune system. I used to get a cold that escalated quickly to bronchitis almost every month. Now, 2 years later after drinking it, I’ve had 2 colds and they didn’t knock me down much at all! It’s definitely more than just a weight loss shake thanks to the over 70 vitamins and minerals gathered from all over the world!

  25. Mike

    Loved this the first 2 tubs. Then without warning or any any word from the company they changed the formula. The old chocolate was sweet and delicious. Like drinking chocolate milk. This new formula taste nasty. Like bitter raw coco powder. It is clear by the ingredients that they went with a more “cost effective” formula. And this clearly tastes like it, you get what you pay for. I think it is unprofessional for a company to make a change like this and not notify the consumer. They never stated anywhere that it changed. Not even on their website. If fact the website still shows the old formulas ingredients. Usually if a company makes something better they post it everywhere, and ate proud of it. I think it’s because the taste is really bad that they have kept it secret. And they must be getting a lot of complaints since 3 reps replied to me with the same exact generic response. And the funny part is the response states they tested it with 20 people. 20 people really? You sell a product to tens of thousands and did a 20 person test. Does this sound inadequate to anyone else? Long story short I will be finding a new brand as this taste to bad to keep drinking.

  26. Rachel

    I drank shakeology for a month and LOVED it. So great, but could not keep paying for it with a tight budget. Switched to Idealshape and so far am not a fan. The flavor tastes disgusting, a lot worse then Shakeology did. We shall see if it was worth the switch.

  27. Amanda

    I have not tried both but have drank shakology for the last 2 years daily and LOVE it! I used it as a meal replacement and worked out after drinking it. I never felt hungry prior to my next meal. I do NOT sell either of them. Shakology is costly and I think I am going to try ideal shake and see!!

  28. Shannon

    Shakeology is a higher quality product because of the natural ingredients they use. Ideal has artificial ingredients. Ideal also any uses about 20 different nutritional ingredients and shakeology as 70. It’s like buying walmart jeans vs designer. That is why the cost is higher. Better quality product.

  29. John

    So Ive read all the comments and kept seeing people comment about “Splenda” in IdealShake. Well guess what, Shakeology has Stevia in it. Stevia is ragweed. That may be why some people in this thread mentioned issues with Shakeology…like tiredness, diarrhea.

    So if you are allergic to RAGWEED, you are allergic to Shakeology.
    I learned this the hard way.

  30. Tiffany

    I liked the nutritional factor of Shakeology but the price is not a good long term solution for us. Have not tried IdealShake yet because it is not as nutritionally dense. Has anyone tried adding greens powder to Ideal? How did it taste? We ended up ordering from a brand called Gnarly that seems to be cleaner and nutrient dense but it is hard to find 🙁

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