IdealShape vs Visalus Vi-Shape Comparison

Are you wonder which one is a better choice between IdealShape vs Visalus Vi-Shape? This comparison between them will give you information about it.

IdealShape has become one of the most favorable meal replacement shakes available in today’s market. It is also considered as one of the most effective meal replacement products due to its benefits. We have been hearing some good words regarding this shake for some time. The fact that this product is very affordable, make it a great product for review.

ViSalus VI-Shape Shake is one of Idealshape shake’s competitors. The shake claimed to help you burn fat faster and effectively build lean muscle. The shake contain Fibersol, which is a brand new patented fiber Blend which claimed to help keep you full.

It’s also offering the benefits of fiber with no gas that commonly brought by other types of fibers. Although it seems promising, it’s advisable to make sure you that read this whole review prior to making any decision.

IdealShape vs Visalus

IdealShape vs Visalus Comparison Table

First, let’s recap this IdealShape vs Visalus Comparison using the following table.

InfoIdealShape Shake
ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix
Serving Size (scoops)12
Servings Per Container3030
Grams per Serving28 g26 g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat3.5 g1 g
Cholesterol10 mg15 g
Sodium210 mg75 mg
Potassium210 mg125 mg
Total Carbohydrate11 g7 g
Dietary Fiber5 g5 g
Sugars1 g< 1 g
Protein11 g15 g
Our Rating 9.69.1
Price *$49.99
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Cost Per Meal$1.33$1.33
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The IdealShape offers 50% of your RDI from their 20 minerals and vitamins content, and provides 11 grams of protein for a single serving. Another good thing about this product is the fact that they only contain about 2 g of sugar per serving, which is quite low for a meal replacement shake.

To boost your weight loss effort, the shake also includes 5 g of fiber. So, in a way, the shake offers all of the things you need from a good meal replacement shake.

Visalus is also not bad when it comes to nutrition. This shake contains about 12 g of protein. In addition, they give about 30% of your RDI from the minerals and vitamins content in each serving. Though it’s not the best, it is still considerable. The best thing about this product is the low 90 calories per serving and the 0 gram of sugar, which is unprecedented for this kind of product. But in spite of the low calories and sugar, you cannot find anything else that can make this shake special or stands out among other similar products.

Appetite Blocker

To help keep you full, the IdealShape uses a mixture of a starches and fibers, which are known as great appetite blockers. The main ingredient of the appetite blocker is Slendesta, which is a natural appetite blocker extracted from white potatoes. Slendesta works by helping your brain launch CCK hormone (Cholecystokinin hormone) into the body. This hormone basically tells you that you’re full. What makes it better is that not only that you won’t feel hungry all the time, you would also feel more energized from drinking the shake.
Sadly for Visalus shake, you need to buy the hunger blocker separately. If you want the shake to control hunger you will need to buy Vi-Trim, which is a transparent and flavorless powdered meal replacement drink that you can mix into the Visalus shake. Vi-Trim claimed to help you control hunger and calm the stress when dieting. To use it, mix Vi-Trim into your favorite beverage or sprinkle on your food. This way you’ll be able to control your food craving and manage hunger in between meals.


The chocolate and vanilla flavor of the Idealshape is quite favorable by the customers. It can also be mix with some beverage such as juice or milk to get a better taste.
The shake comes in an original flavor, which is the Sweet Cream. This package is meant to be the base of the flavor package. To make it taste better you definitely need to add additional flavor packets.


In terms of price, there are only a few products that can defeat Idealshape, especially considering what it had to offer. It would only require you to spend $49.99 for one month worth of supply, which breaks down to $1.50 for a meal.

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If you exclude the Vi-Trim adder, Visalus shakes is equally affordable. It is priced at $49.99 a month or $1.33 for a shake. But you’ll need to spend another $49.99 each for the Vi-trim packages. That is about $3.33 per serving in total, which is quite pricey.

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IdealShape seems to be receiving good reviews from their customers, partly because it is quite effective as a meal replacement. Not to mentioned that it also comes in a very affordable price. Idealshape shake is definitely ideal for people who never had this kind of product before. It’s cheap, effective, and has the required nutritional value for most dieters.

The best thing about ViSalus shake is the fact that it has very low calories, fat, and sugar content, which making it an excellent diet complement for dieters who suffer from diabetics.

And beside its pricey price, the bad thing about ViSalus shake is that if you’re trying to buy the product from their official site, they would constantly attempting to force you to purchase the $250 for 30 days program and to join their MLM program. I hope this review make easier for you to choose between Idealshape vs Visalus Vi-Shape.

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2 thoughts on “IdealShape vs Visalus Vi-Shape Comparison

  1. Richard N

    The shipping is a downside of the idealshake. You save buying visalus from amazon (free shipping ). I would have loved to try idealshake but with shipping it comes out to around $62 for 30 servings, you can get visalus $40 for 30 servings

    • Debbie

      I have always used a coupon code with Idealshape for either free shipping or percentage off product or both. Whenever I buy they are always running some kind of special. And it taste great! 🙂

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