Isagenix vs Shakeology Comparison

This time, we will compare those two shakes are already familiar, Isagenix vs Shakeology. Perhaps, they are the two most popular shakes available in the market right now. For people with busy lifestyle, these shakes provide just the best solution. Protein needs are fulfilled with much easier consumption.

Usually, each serving of shake is fortified with essential ingredients for your body including reducing the calories to help succeeding weight loss program. At least, you should consume it once a day or you can also make it twice a day for better result.

Of course, to optimize the benefits of the shake especially to help build lean muscle, exercise is a must. Now, let’s see the true comparison between these two products. The comparison below is based on the true ingredients and true results from recent customers.

Isagenix vs Shakeology

Isagenix vs Shakeology Comparison Table

First, let’s recap this Isagenix vs Shakeology Comparison using the following table.

InfoIsagenix Isalean Shake
Read Review
Shakeology Shake
Serving Size (scoops)21
Servings Per Container1430
Grams per Serving61 g42 g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat5 g2 g
Cholesterol45 mg0 g
Sodium265 mg150 mg
Potassium430 mgn/a
Total Carbohydrate24 g17 g
Dietary Fiber8 g6 g
Sugars11 g6 g
Protein24 g17 g
Our Rating9.39.2
Price *$51.00
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Cost Per Meal$3.64$4.33
Coupon Availability


Isagenix has more protein than Shakeology with 24 grams versus 17 grams of protein. However, you can enjoy more protein from Shakeology by combining it with skim milk. This may be a slight win for Isagenix.

In term of the amount of the fat, Shakeology contains much less fat than Isagenix. Shakeology contains of only 2 grams of fat while Isagenix contains of 5 grams. Holy crap! That’s a quite huge difference, right?

What about the amount of the calorie from each shake? Shakeology wins the battle. It only has 140 per serving while Isagenix has 240 per serving. Besides more calories contained, Isagenix also contains of more than 10% of cholesterol daily allowance. For people with cholesterol issue, this should be aware of. For the next comparison which is the fiber, Isagenix totally wins with 7 grams of fiber per serving versus only 3 grams of fiber from Shakeology.

A good meal replacement shake should also have essential amount of vitamins to help protect body from free radicals. On this category, Shakeology comes as the winner with 300% of vitamin C daily value** over only 40% from Isagenix.

For vitamin A, Shakeology offers more amount as well with 100% versus 50% from Isagenix. For calcium, Shakeology has 20% more than the Isagenix. As well as the vitamin B6, Shakeology contains of 100% of daily value** where Isagenix only contains of 70%.

And when the comparison goes beyond the diversity of the ingredients, Shakeology has a win with more than 70 premium ingredients and Isagenix only has around 50 of those similar ingredients.

Appetite Blocker

Before we talk about which one has better appetite blocker, a thorough comparison should be done first. Especially of the ingredients because it determines which one performs better than the other to block and manage the appetite.

The appetite usually is influenced by satiety. So, when a person doesn’t always feel hunger, she or he eats less than another who feels hunger almost all the time. Satiety doesn’t influence itself. Instead, it does have strong connection with few kinds of nutrition inside the body. The first is protein.

When a person eats more protein and less calorie, the satiety will last much longer than when she/he eats less protein and more calorie. So, when we compare Isagenix and Shakeology, the winning certainly is on Isagenix side because this shake contains of more protein than Shakeology.

Besides protein, fiber also influences how long satiety can last. In this case, again Isagenix is winning because it has more fiber than Shakeology which is 7 grams vs 3 grams.


In terms of flavor Shakeology and Isagenix come with almost the same number of flavors. Shakeology has the chocolate, green berry, vegan chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors.

Isagenix, on the other hand, has Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy French Vanilla, Strawberry Cream, Dairy-Free Natural Berry Harvest, Kosher Natural Creamy Vanilla, and Black Sesam. It offers seasonal (limited time) flavors, such as Pumpkin Spice (around Thanksgiving and Halloween) and Eggnog for Christmas.

The chocolate flavor from Shakeology is worth to try. For richer flavors, you can add some spices like skim milk, fruits, yoghurt and others.

Of course, adding ice is a always great idea especially during a hot day. But do not forget to measure the calorie or fat of the added spices because certainly. You don’t want to ruin the whole diet program, right?


Undoubtedly price is important because no one wants to throw away their money for nothing. A container of Shakeology is available for 30 servings. It costs around $130 at Amazon. So, each serving of this shake will costs you around $4.33.
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Isagenix costs you a bit lower. A pack of Isagenix is available for 14 servings which costs around $51. So, each serving of shake costs around $3.64.
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As we can see the number, it’s Isagenix that is a little bit cheaper than Shakeology. So, when price is big matter to you, Isagenix is more appropriate choice.


When it comes to choosing between Isagenix vs Shakeology, the choice should be depend on what you’re looking for in a meal replacement shake. A meal replacement shake should serve the foremost goal to help losing weight and controlling the appetite.

For this reason, Isagenix serves you better. With the right amount of protein and fiber, it performs better as appetite blocker. Moreover, the more amount of protein than Isagenix also makes it to be more effective in leaning muscle.

However, Shakeology contains less sugar, fat and Carbohydrate which are things to consider too. It also provides more calcium and vitamins than Isagenix. So, the final decision is on you.

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90 thoughts on “Isagenix vs Shakeology Comparison

  1. Allison Stuepfert

    Some of the nutrition facts are inaccurate for Isagenix. Please update the comments in regards to Protein and Fat in the summary. The Total Fat should be 5 grams and Protein should be 24g. Under Taste, please update the Isagenix shake options. They have a large variety now: French Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Kosher Creamy Vanilla, Dairy-Free Berry, and Black Sesame.

  2. Isagenix actually has more than two flavours! As well as our IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate and Creamy French Vanilla, we also offer Strawberry Cream, Dairy-Free Natural Berry Harvest, Kosher Natural Creamy Vanilla, and Black Sesame. Our IsaPro Shakes, which are higher in protein, come in French Vanilla, Natural Vanilla, and Natural Chocolate.
    On top of all of these delicious and nutritious flavours, Isagenix offers seasonal, limited time shakes in Pumpkin Spice (around Thanksgiving and Halloween) and our newest seasonal flavour for Christmas…Eggnog!! 😀

  3. Relle

    Isagenix lost me at artificial….
    Besides, ALL ingredients should be compared before making a decision. People often cut corners when it comes to their nutrition. That’s why there is so much illness now. If you can’t put out the money now for good health, you’ll be paying the pharmaceutical companies later when you’re ill.

    • Melissa Garcia

      Erika, im curious if you’ve tried them yet? I was in the same boat a year ago!
      If you want to learn more about Isagenix i could add you to a Face Book group I’m a part of so you can read and research at your leisure.
      Let me know, I’d love to help!

  4. AE Burns

    Fructose is not an artificial sugar but a naturally occurring sugar in fruits and plants. Isagenix is also soy free, gluten free and low glycemic containing good fats. Classifying fats just by grams is very misleading in your post. Big big difference in saturdated versus unsaturated. You cannot live without a balance of carbs, fats, protein and natural sugars.

    A balanced 240-calorie, meal replacement clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle growth with 24 g of high-quality protein.

    23 vitamins and minerals
    Protein, energy-fueling carbs, and good fats
    High-fiber content and active enzymes aid digestion

    • Holley

      True. Thats what people really need to know before they compare labels. How much healthy fats your body and brain really needs. How much quality is in the product not just the amount. Is your body even capable of breaking it down? Where are they getting the ingredients for their product. Isagenix shakes also have live digestive enzymes to help your body digest and absorb the nutrition.
      Most people’s problems start with not having the digestive enzymes to break down there foods and digestive system.

    • Pam Lercher

      I do love Isagenix, but I have not lost any weight at all. I feel better. I have been taking it for over a year. My husband and my self. I am all for Isagenix the person who got us in to talking it told us that the ingredients are all organic. I hope this is true.

  5. Mary

    Price wise. It cost almost $600 for a presidential pack of Isagenix including shakes ,pills etc. a 30 day cleanse is $350. No thank you. I’d rather pay $140 learn how to eat real food,control portion sizes,have a fitness coach who is trained in exercise etc. Recieve the shakes,work out DVDs ,and more.

        • Mac

          Shakeology itself is not to lose weight. It will help but it is also about making life style changes to your daily eating habits that will help you lose weight. Shakeology is a tool to do so not a magic shake. Your weight loss is 80% based on your eating habits.

        • Michelle

          True, anyone can be a BB coach, but the DVDs (workout programs) do the actual training. The coaches are more like mentors making sure people stay on track with their programs and just run challenge fitness groups to help keep each other accountable.

        • Windy

          anyone can be a coach, but alot of the coaches go on to get certified to teach workouts and be trainers since we love the programs so much.

      • Mac

        Many are but not all are. Some are nurses, dietitians, foodies, other professional. It is about sharing their story and experiences to help others.

    • Windy

      The Isagenix is 51$ for 14 servings and shakeology is 120 for 30servings…but if you sign up as a “coach”, you get it for about 99$ with shipping, so the total for 30 servings is 99$ and to get 28servings of Isagenix it is 102$ and I don’t know about the shipping. So about the same price technically when it comes down to price. It needs to be shown that the serving size is 2of isagenix to get full effect, and shakeology is all in one scoop. Plus you can add yogart or almond milk to shakeology for extra protein and flavor… (not that it needs it for flavor, just mixes up flavor from day to day)
      GI wise and with low glycemic index, shakeology is great for diabetics and people with GI issues… like me. Not dissing Isagenix, but know how wonderful shakeology is and how since I’ve started on this wonder shake, I rarely get sick anymore. I have a 9yr old that gets sick and hubby that comes home with runny nose and all…nope not me. I care for them, but don’t get sick myself (knock on wood–not that I need to since I take my shakeology that boosts my immune system). Not having to pay for cold med for myself as well saves me money and since not being sick, my workouts don’t suffer either!!

    • Tina

      FYI, beachbody coaches are not trained in fitness. They are trained to make sales. I was one and if you were to ask one about the kinetic chain and it’s funcations, unless they are a personal trainer, they will not be able to tell you. Nor can they tell how important it is to assess your capabilites and compensations before you begin. Yes, they tell you to consult your Dr but that’s only so they can’t sue if they hurt themselves using the program. Unless a beachbody coach is a personal trainer they can’t tell you why your knees fall in when you squat, why your arms fall forward when you raise them above your head and try to squat or even why your lower back has an extreme arch during a squat. They are motivators and salesman and that’s it. Most will tell you carbs and fat are bad for you which is also very much untrue. But that’s my rant I just thought you should know that.

      • Sarah C

        Anyone can be a Coach, as anyone can tout they know nutrition because they had results from either product! I love both products and I am a horrible sales person. I havent made one sale in 2 years using either product as a distrutor – coach. I’m not pushy. But I am a current Beachbody Coach, who has a BS from Penn State in Adult Health Education and have studied nutrition and biomechanics. I was also a certified Trainer for many years. I also will tell you I love Isagenix and it was a boost to my auto-immune deficiency 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with mono. I know a Board Certified doctor who sells the product. I love both products, and endorse them equally, along with a balanced lifestyle. My point is, if YOU are a smart consumer you will do research and communicate with your sales “coach” about their background and knowledge, and look to the product web sites for factual data… It is your own fault if you fall prey to wrongful advice from basic people trying to rise up the pyrimid, no matter what they are pushing you to buy.

    • Melissa

      Real food is key…and thus make sure when you are eating the correct portion size it includes organic foods that are free from all the crap that causes our livers to add visceral fat because it is so taxed from the overload of chemicals and pesticides!
      I’m shocked no one is discussing one of the very important components of Isagenix…the cleansing!
      The number of people who actually eat 100% organic (including coffee and tea)…is SO small and thus you are still inputting chemicals and pesticides which even if you have a calorie deficit (from portion control and workout)…your body is not at its optimum! Cleansing is key to Isagenix…it is not just about the shakes!

  6. Susan

    Hi, I would like to see you add Pro Grade Meal Replacement to the comparisons with Shakeology and Isagenix. I’ve been using ProGrade and I like the taste – I mix the chocolate and the coffee flavors. It’s about $3.49 per serving, buying the 6-container discount for $314.95 and there are 15 servings per container. I’m curious about the nutrition comparison though.

    • Teresa

      I can’t explain it but my knee pain has gotten much less since I started drinking Shakeology and I agree that the best flavor is cafe latte.

      • Catherine

        Tried cafe latte today. Wasn’t a fan. Still prefer their chocolate hands down. Then again I used to mix my shakes up with half almond milk and half water and crushed ice and I just used water for this as I running out the door.

  7. A big part of why Shakeology is such a game changer for many people are the 70+ superfoods that are added to it! This helps with satiety, supporting blood sugar levels & energy throughout the day, a general sense of just feeling better, and more. I’d love for you to compare or talk about how those herb ingredients can help people – a BIG difference why I drink Shakeology instead of the others!

  8. J.J.

    I think you forgot one of the key pieces of information under taste. And that’s how it actually tastes, not just the flavors that each come in. Having tried Chocolate in both Isagenix and Shakeology, if you are mixing it purely with water, Isagenix, for me, wins the taste test by a land slide. I could barely drink the Shakeology mix and had to choke it down with water. After talking with a few co-workers, NONE of them mixes Shakeology with just plain water. They always mix in something else to make it taste better. The most used ingredient being peanut butter. So if you’re mixing other ingredients in just to make it palpable, then you’re upping the calorie count, fat contents, and other macro nutrients as well. Not to mention the fact that the price per shake just went up as I’m having to add ingredients just to make it taste good.

    Personally, the allure of these shakes is the fact that I grab my blender bottle, add water, dump a few scoops of the product in and I shake the crap out of the bottle on my way to car for work in the morning. If I have to break out the blender to mix peanut butter in with my shake just to make it taste better, than the “convenience” factor is completely out the door as well.

    I know taste is subjective as everyone’s taste buds are different. But for me, Isagenix, with just plain water, wins hands down in the taste test. It’s not even close. That being said, I have had the cholcolate Shakeology with peanut butter blended in and I will agree it tastes a lot better! But again, I want a shake that is convenient to make and that all I have to do is add water. I keep a few packets of Isagenix at my work desk in case I have to work through lunch. In situations like this I don’t have a blender so Shakeology is a no go for me and Isagenix is the only way to go!

    Just my 2 cents!

      • Giselle

        its also delicious.. i use this in my chocolate isagenix shakes, half a banana, a little cinnamon and vanilla extract…. yum! Chocolate is the best for anyone new trying.. cant stand the vanilla personally which is odd because i am more of a vanilla person.. the isadelights are amazing for snacks that make u feel like ur cheating but ur not 😉 and having them handy on cleanse days is a life saver.. i love the system, def works and is all natural despite the comment that it was artificial above, obviously they didnt do much research since it clearly says no artificial ingredients on all products… since these comments there are also a strawberry, pumpkin spice, eggnog, dairy free chai latte, dairy free chocolate, and chocolate mint shake flavors now available

    • Cynthia

      I too have purchased Shakeo. I am looking for an alternative. Not only has the price started to concern my budget, but the convience factor as well. That’s what I purchased it for- after all! I can’t just carry almond milk around in my pocket to mix with my Shakeo. I am going to try ISO bc it seems to me that I can just mix with water and GO! Thank you so much for your feedback.

  9. Robin Foy

    Is the whey used, from cows who were fed organic and or grass material, rather than GMO corn fed? Isagenix whey is processed a certain way to maintain quality and is also from cows in New Zealand that are grass fed. This is an important fact. Also the Isagenix diet has been tested, and is shown to be better than the Heart Healthy diet in loosing fat as well as visceral fat .

  10. Carla Giorgio

    I’m still lost on which shake is better for you to lose weight. I used to use isogenix and then shakelogy came out. People swear on both. The sugar content in isogenix is much higher. Is that no good? Still indecisive

  11. It’s not really explained that while YES, the calories are greater in isagenix shakes, its a FULL meal replacement, with UNdenatured whey protein. Shakeology absolutely lacks nutrients, necessary fats and calories for it to even be considered a meal replacement. In addition, isagenix now has 2 more dairy free options- vanilla chai & Rich chocolate. Their dairy free line is expanding rapidly.

  12. Gydi

    H . I’d all like to add that I noticed they reason Isagenix is half the cost of Shakeology is because its also half the servings.. So in reality Shakeology may be just a few dollars cheaper.
    I personally love shakeology. It helped me with joint pain, energy, and weight loss..

    • Laura

      Actually, no it’s not. The price is figured BY SHAKE. it’s simple math. Total cost divided by servings= cost per shake. Isagenix is cheaper per shake.

        • Paula

          That is true but Iso shakes alone are a complete and total meal replacement which brings the cost of your grocery bills down because you are not buying food from grocery stores to prepare 2 meals.

          I only use water and ice in my Iso shakes. I use the ice to get the Portillo’s type shake texture to it. That makes me feel like I’m cheating when I’m not. 😉 That alone saves you with buying milk products (or other ingredients) for your shakes. If you add the time, gas, grocery bill, etc. to going to the grocery store that brings the cost of Shakeology up even more.

          I agree with someone else’s post that EVERYONE I know that uses the Shakeology system adds something to their shake to make it taste better because NONE of them like the taste of it with just water.

          With all of that said, yes Iso is cheaper and more convenient in those regards. I will say that I have never tried Shakeology myself so besides considering costs and time this is a one sided comment. I just wanted to make it clear on the cost of Iso.

          I do know people that are extremely happy with the Shakeology system even if they are one sided (like me) and haven’t tried Iso yet. If they are living a better, more healthy and happy life and their doctors can even see the change, then I would never knock them for it. It really is a personal preference and based on what I currently know, both are a GREAT addition no matter which one you choose. Both campaign towards a healthy and active lifestyle with nutrient dense and better for you products. Who can argue with any of that?

          Happy decision making! No matter which you choose you will love the change in your body, mental health and spiritual health! Here’s to Wellness!

  13. Joy

    Please update your article. You stated in your article that Shakeology has 3 grams of fiber. It has 6 grams of fiber as stated in the side by side comparison.

  14. Natalia

    Shakeology cost more 130.00us plus ship is around 150.00us … But if you sign as a coach you will get it at 104.00us with ship and taxes included. Coach pay 16.00us monthly so it would be 120.00us monthly for one bag that it’s 30 little bit more servings !!!! Isagenix cost half for 14 servings …
    So if you want the month you’ll have to pay like the same amount !!!
    Shakeology bag usually last longer … I get the bag for the month and usually have few more shakes after the 30 servings … Worth it !

    • Jan

      You also pay a yearly fee for Isagenix, so you can get it at wholesale and auto ship. It cost more if your not signed up under someone. It is multi level marketing. Plus shipping is expensive.

      • Paula

        Since the topic kind of went away from the nutrition to the cost I wanted to be clear on the ISO yearly membership and see if I can understand the Shakeology memberships.

        Iso Memberships are annual and not monthly:
        1. New members can join at no cost and get a 10% discount on retail
        2. Autoship Members pay a $29 fee for the first year and $19 for every year after with a 25% discount
        3. Preferred customers pay a $39 annual fee and enjoy 25% off products with no Autoship with the option of opting in to Autoship at any time
        4. No activation fees ever

        With the Autoship Membership you get the following perks to use if you want:
        1. Wholesale price (the lowest possible price) on every product (this is automatic)
        2. Autoship saves you an ADDITIONAL 5% to 15% on each product
        3. Your own personal, customizable website, which if you wanted to you could earn compensation on a referral-based plan
        4. Health Insurance – reduced rate provided by Iso’s partners
        5. You can participate in the events that they offer, i.e. extra discounts, free shipping, etc. Some events are automatic like the ones I just described so you don’t have to sign up for them. Some you have to sign up for such as the Challenges (see below) but all of it is free to participate in
        6. IsoBody Challenges which you can win over $200,000 in prizes which includes $25,000 in cash
        7. No obligation or contract to run as a business, the main goal is to be the best you that you can be
        8. Several other perks that go along if you choose to run Isogenix a business (this is all included in the above cost)

        If I’m not mistaken the cost to be a basic Shakeology coach will run you between $16 & $130 a month depending on what level you want to be. Additionally you pay a one time $40 activation fee. The $130/month includes the following:
        1. $16 monthly website maintenance fee
        2. $3 monthly club membership fee
        3. One months supply of Shakeology (only one month)

        They also offer Coaches ‘Challenge Packs’ during the initial signup process. This is when you get the free shipping and the $40 activation fee is waived. You also get a months supply of Shakeology and a workout program of your choice. The Challenge Packs range from $140 to $305. You still have to pay the $16 – $130 monthly fee on top of this. There are a few other perks if you decide to run as Shakeology as a business. It does seem like the company focuses more on the business aspect rather than the health and wellness benefits however the Shakeology Coaches I know focus more on the health and wellness benefits rather than the business end.

        Shakeology Coaches are not necessarily certified trainers so I assume the ones that are not are more like mentors. They would have to pay for their own certification (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

        So as I said in a previous post, it’s all preference. I don’t really think it should be based solely on cost as each have their own great opportunities and nutrition dense product.

        Happy decision making all!

  15. Ione

    For me Isagenix is by far the best product, I lost 72 lbs, it taste great, you feel great, you feel satisfied , they have lots of great products besides just shakes. I Love the product

    • Randall Riecke

      45g of cholesterol in Isagenix…no thank you. I switched from Isagenix to Beachbody Shakeology…much more happier that my body is not inundated with cholesterol.

  16. Liz

    I have tryed both .Shakeology makes me feel full and stops my sugar cravings.I cannot tolerate the bitter taste but the Isagenix with water is horrible . I lactose intolerant please tell me which one is better to tolerate .

    • Colleen

      Isagenix now offers dairy free shakes. I’ve been doing isa for 2 years and love it. I’m now a breastfeeding momma and have had to switch to the dairyfree and they’re actually really good.

  17. Jan

    I have both, personally Shakeology is my favorite. Isagenix gave both my husband and stomach upset him diarrhea and me constipation (sorry I know that’s gross) Yes I drink Lots of water, I hit my water goal daily. I’ve lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks and my belly fat is FINALLY disappearing with Shakeology which after a year on Isagenix it didn’t hardly budge. Even my son loves the Shakeology he did not like Isagenix.

  18. Kenzie

    If you are lactose intolerant Isagenix has dairy free shakes and bars. I didn’t like the dairy isagenix shakes and had stomach upset. I now use the dairy free shakes. The taste is much better and I haven’t had any digestive issues!


    I am a type 1 diabetic and need to have energy for training and I desperately need to work out. The more I read the confused I am on which to try. I don’t have good digestion soooo I need a shake that will not blow me up basically…..I need to LOSE weight not gain in from the inability to digest what im taking in. Please help.

  20. Tonda Wicker

    Although anyone can become a coach. There are many that are certified through beachbody and able to train anywhere. Beachbody offers the whole package.
    As far as the shakes, I can not commit one way or another. I have only tried Shakeology. I will be willing to post a review upon trying isogenics.

  21. Erin

    It has been very interesting reading all this. I have done the isagenix 30 day cleanse with the pills etc and lost 20 plus pounds. I however did not enjoy the shakes at all. I do however really like the shakeology shakes. Cafe latte to be exact. I have since had 2 more children and put on the 20 plus pounds that I had lost and kept off. So I am currently doing the 30 day cleanse through isagenix but substituting the shakes with the shakeology shakes. Not sure how that’s gonna go.

  22. Ashley

    I’m amazed at how many have not caught the obvious price misconception. Shakeology is pricey at $130 for a bag, which is 30 servings, however is ONLY used once a day and NOT RECOMMENDED to use more frequently. Isagenix, which is often promoted and encouraged to use TWICE a day, shows a price of $50 for 14 servings. That is SEVEN DAYS. And if you do the simple math, that would be over $200 for LESS THAN a 30 day supply. This is retail price for BOTH SHAKES without any VIP, member, club or coach discount. So those who keep saying isagenix is cheaper PER shake, yes that is correct, and is also absolutely misleading, given the previous facts. Also, AS A NUTRITIONIST, I can assure you that neither one are effective only by theirselves. A nutrient dense, portion controlled diet is also KEY when using either of these products. I find it interesting where shakeology is coupled up with fitness, a KNOWN factor in heart Heath, where as isagenix is coupled with, no fitness aspect, flavored wafers for snacks, and some other pills… and we in the NUTRITION field know all too well how magical those pills are😂

    • Catherine

      So in your opinion Ashley, as a NUTRITIONIST do you think the shakeology is the best bet for weight loss with fitness programs added in to your daily regime along with a shake a day rather than 2 shakes, a cleanse, energy drinks, pills and snacks (Isagenix’s 30 day program) ???

    • Melissa

      Isagenix has an entire performance line…so while they may not provide you with workout tapes…it is very misleading to state they don’t couple with exercise…they absolutely promote fitness…most of the people I know are actually trainers and athletes who promote it…they just don’t sell tapes! I personally think that just because a company doesn’t provide you a specific workout and actually leaves the workout piece up to you…is refreshing! People need to take some accountability …that is why we have so many obese people…no accountability for researching what they put in their mouth, for researching what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle!

  23. I love isagenix! I’m a nursing mom and have 3 babies 4 and under. Day 2 of the shakes I finally started feeling like I had energy again and I was able to lose 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks! I’m lower than I have ever been while still nursing a baby! I’m also a RN and budget savvy! I love the research and board of nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors backing isagenix! Don’t know much about shakeology except that you have to work out a lot and well I try to make time but it doesn’t happen everyday and I’m still seeing major results on isagenix!

  24. Katy

    I have tried both shakology/ beachbody as well as Isagenix. Both products give you energy and can aid in weight loss.

    I started with shakology and the 21 day fix workout and eating plan. I learned from this system the importance of portion size and keeping under 1400 calories. As far as the shakology goes. It definitely gave me energy and fueled my muscles after a workout. Flavor goes to shakology it tastes way better in my opinion. After the 3 week program I lost a total of 6 lbs and had more muscle definition.

    Now on to Isagenix. My sister in law is a marathon runner and really loves Isagenix! The nutrition in the system is fundimental. With Isagenix I did the 30 day weight loss program. I had the supplements and 2 meal replacement shakes a day. I also did the weekly 1 day cleanses. You couple the 2 shakes with 2 100-150 calorie snacks and a healthy dinner around 400-600 calories. About the same 1400 calories I was eating while on the beach body system. The Isagenix shakes are not as tasty as shakology. But they do have a better texture. More creamy and smoothe. I have also found that adding in cinnamon and vanilla extract up the flavor but not the calories. And after awhile you get used to the less sweet taste. At the end of the 30 day weight loss system with Isagenix I had lost a total of 10 lbs and my stomach was definitely flatter. I also noticed I was more happy and self aware. This system helped me stop drinking coffee and craving sugar.

    All and all I think either program works. It really just depends on what you are looking for. Shakology/beachbody teaches you how to eat proper portion size. You use the shakes as a “healthy snack” or for me a recovery drink after exercise. This worked for me. But it relies on a consistent workout schedule (30 minutes a day usually). Isagenix is really quite different all together. It is about meal replacement and fueling your body with highly nutritious, easily digested food and supplements. It helps rid toxins from your body and works from the inside out. The cleanse days were not my favorite but you do get to eat a small “snack” every hour. This helps keep your metabolism going. I really think the cleanse days are a key point to this program. Through weekly cleansing I was able to better understand how much food my body really needs. I lost 10 lbs on this system with little excercise.

    Now I actually use parts of both systems. I use beachbody workouts and the food portion containers from the 21 day fix mixed with 2 meal replacement shakes a day like the Isagenix system. I like the Isagenix shakes as my morning meal and shakology as my after workout meal. I still do cleanse days but not as often. So in the end you should figure out what works the best for you. This is my honest opinion! Hope you all have a great day!

  25. George

    Hmmmm. Isagenix 2servings daily recommended. 14 servings per container. $51 per container multiplied by 4 is $204. Divided by 30 days is $6.80 per day. Shakeology is once a day at $130. Divided by 30 days is $4.33 per day. Comparing apples to apples the cost of shakeology seems cheaper by the day.
    In this case to say cost per shake is less for the one the manufacturer suggests be used twice daily is not fair or correctly compared.

  26. jennifer

    someone posted that becoming a coach for BB makes the shakeology discounted but they did not say they are now paying for the coach discount so in the end you are not paying $99 for a bag of shakeology. this is one thing that pissed me off i thought i was getging a discount signing on as a diacount coach then i realized I’m paying for the full shakeology just about but they are calling it coach fees. smh totally misleading

  27. Joanne

    I have been doing Isagenix since March. I talked to friends who have been doing both and decided on Isagenix because many more expressed how their cholesterol, sugar, and total body inches were positively affected. Since I am prediabetic I picked Isagenix for those reasons.
    I must say that I mentally and physically changed my eating habits (smaller portions and not eating late at night) and choices (no junk), for about 6 weeks before I started Isagenix. In that time, I lost about 5 lbs and mentally was prepared to move forward. This was important to me as I did mentally make a change first. I can only speak on what I have done with Isagenix as I have never tried Shakeology.
    To date I have lost 15 pounds, dropped 2 pants sizes and feel great. I did 2 weeks straight of the 30 day program, liked it, but modified it for me. I do the morning shake, water, two scoops vanilla and sometime add frozen strawberries and or a small piece of frozen banana. I have at work some strawberry mix, and when I cannot grab a sensible lunch, I just add water and shake. It is a good filler and I do not pick on junk. My numbers have gone down since physical in January! My doctor is happy, said he does not see anything wrong with Isagenix.
    Again, I like it, I have modified it so that I do not feel like I cannot eat out or favorite foods (wings!) But, I think the biggest thing for me was my portion control while eating, increased exercise and good choices.
    Hope this helps some one!

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