doTERRA Trim Shake Review

doTERRA Trim Shake

doTERRA Trim Shake



    Appetite Suppressant







          • Low calories
          • Low risk of heart attack
          • Better levels of blood sugar
          • Better digestive function

            Are you looking for delicious shake that provides the essential nutrients for your body? doTERRA Trim Shake is the one you should consider. Unlike other meal replacement shakes, doTERRA only contains of 66 grams of calories in each serving allowing it to be a better deal for well balanced diet.

            With all of the ingredients, it promises you to support the need of losing unwanted fat stores in big amount through necessary calorie restriction. And of course it should supported with exercise in daily basis.

            Not only does it offers more successful diet but also more stress free since it also helps to manage the hormone cortisol associated as hormone causing stress and fat storage.

            Another great thing about this shake is its taste and texture that can nicely blend with milk or water. Subsequently, there are more recipes to try every single day so no worries to feel bored.

            doTerra Trim Shake

            doTERRA Trim Shake Ingredients

            When you look at the package, you will notice the combination of ingredients that make this shake more valuable than other shakes available in market. Here are they”

            • Whey protein isolate. This is another form or processed whey protein in which all the lactose and fat have been removed. It gives 90% or protein. According to the scientific studies, it helps losing weight by reducing the amount of the body fat storage. Even better, it also helps to increase and preserve the lean muscle
            • Egg white protein that helps you to control the calorie intake
            • Evaporated cane juice as sweetener with more nutrients thanks to minimal processing
            • Tara and Xanthan gum
            • Fibersol-2 is a form of digestive resistant maltodextrin. It’s a soluble fiber which has various benefits for diet including to keep good blood sugar regulation
            • Sunflower extract
            • Citrus Fiber
            • Oligofructose
            • Essentra Trim, a patented ingredient for weight-loss product that has been shown to manage the level of stress hormone cortisol. The hormone itself is also associated with fat storage. So, when it’s well managed, you can enjoy less body fat storage
            • Stevia
            • Potato protein powder
            • Ashwagandha root or often called as leaf extract

            Appetite Suppressant

            The main reason making this shake as effective hunger suppression is its protein ratio. In each serving, the protein ratio is bigger than the carbohydrate.

            In turn, it helps you to feel full longer because protein lasts longer than carbohydrate. With the essential fiber ingredient, the hunger management can get much easier as well. In the meantime, you don’t lose the chance to lean the muscle thanks to the whey protein isolate.


            Overall, the taste of doTERRA Trim Shake is good, but some people love to add more spices for more delicious taste. For instance, you can add fruit of Greek yoghurt for richer taste however you should keep control the calories when adding it.

            There are two flavors available which are Vanilla and Chocolate. You can add almond milk or coconut milk for each serving of doTERRA to enjoy a really good taste. And if you want more taste of texture, you can add ices and make your own frozen shake to enjoy for lunch.


            To enjoy this advantageous shake, you need to pay $43 per tube. Per tube is available for 20 servings. Therefore, the cost per serving of this shake is $2.15. Surelly, this is a little bit pricey since there were other meal replacement shakes that only cost bellow $2 per meal and even almost $1 per serving like IdealShape shake.


            Each serving of doTERRA consists of 150 grams of calories, 12 grams of sugar, 5.5 grams of fat and also 100 miligrams of Solathin.

            Solathin is a special protein extracted from natural sources that has been proven to support the increased satiety feeling. In other words, it helps to control the craving.

            Therefore, you won’t suffer from the feeling of wanting to eat every hour. With such nutrition, no wonder there are various healthy advantages to enjoy such as:

            • Better digestive function thanks to appropriate amount of dietary fiber
            • Lower calorie shake
            • Better levels of blood sugar due to Fibersol-2 ingredient contained in the shake
            • Lower risk of heart attack

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