Gnc Total Lean Shake Review

Gnc Total Lean Shake

Gnc Total Lean Shake



    Appetite Suppressant







          • High level of protein & fiber
          • Balanced nutrition
          • Helps build muscle
          • Great Taste
          • Affordable Price

            The Gnc Total Lean Shake is packed with all the good stuffs that will make your day gets better. A meal replacement shake which can make you lose weight as well as improving your overall health since shakes generally contain higher level of protein.

            With higher intake of protein and as little substance of carbs and fats, you can expect yourself to feel better, healthier, and slimmer. After all, if you read the overall review of this stuff, you learn that it is filled with important vitamins and minerals, so you won’t suffer from the lack of nutrients.

            Gnc Total Lean Shake Powder


            Not only this meal replacement product will help you lose weight, you can also expect better improvement in your fitness level. If you read Gnc Total Lean Shake review, you can see several good things about it.

            For instance, this shake is made in USA so it is made based on the basic health standards and regulations. It surely has to pass health and safety procedures and tests, so it is totally safe when consumed. Other reasons why you should choose this particular product are:

            • This product can help you lose weight with all the important contents, especially the high level of protein
            • It combines minerals, fat, protein, and vitamins. Not to mention that it also contains high level of fiber that is definitely good for your weight loss program. Everyone knows that fiber is able to make you feel fuller for longer time, so you won’t be tempted to overeat or crave between meals. When you feel full, naturally you won’t want to crave, binge, or snack.
            • The vitamins and minerals are able to deliver balanced nutrition which is good for your metabolism.
            • The protein can help you build muscle and improve muscle mass. When you have more muscle, you can expect your body to burn calories faster, better, and more efficiently.


            The shake comes with balanced protein, minerals, fats, and vitamins so everything will be delivered in balanced manner. There is no excessive amount of a particular substance. Everything about the shake is designed in well balanced manner so you can expect loads of good benefits from it – especially from your health element.

            Not only you will be able to lose weight, you can also prevent the possibility of cholesterol build up. It improves muscle mass and support lean muscle, as well as healthy and better metabolism so you won’t have issue with your digestion system. After all, the shake has been designed according to scientifically sound researches and standards, so it is totally healthy and perfect.

            Appetite Blocker

            The shake is packed with all the needed substances and elements of muscle build up and lose weight elements. It is filled with fiber, which can deliver longer satisfying effect that won’t make you easily hungry. This is very important if you want to lose weight more efficiently.

            Fiber will fix any damages to your digestive system, so not only your system will be better, it will be healthier. Protein will also improve the way the body works and functions. The body requires longer time to digest protein, which means that it will boost its metabolic rate and increase the body temperature in the longer run.

            In the end, you will experience better and more improved calories burning process.


            The flavors are available in 6 different tastes of:

            • Strawberry and Cream
            • Vanilla Bean
            • Cookies and Cream
            • Banana
            • Swiss Chocolate
            • Mixed Berry

            Based on the Gnc Total Lean Shake review, different people have different opinions about the flavors. Some of them say that it is quite plain when mixed with water. But some people say that the flavors are just getting better when mixed with fruits, such as bananas or strawberries. Adding other ingredients depend on your preference.


            A jar of this 1.5 pounds of shake costs around $33, or around $1.21 per oz.

            If you like consuming protein shake after exercising, and you want to lose weight while improving your health altogether, this shake can help you out. If you still have doubts, read more about Gnc Total Lean Shake review and learn more about it.

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            1. Karla

              I really like this shake. It taste great and it is inexpensive. I never feel hungry when I have it for breakfast which is every day.,

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