Herbalife Shake Review

Herbalife Shake

Herbalife Shake



    Appetite Suppressant







          • High level of protein & fiber
          • Help you build muscles
          • Great Taste
          • Block Hunger
          • Affordable Price

            The Herbalife Shake is a perfect meal replacement for those who are very busy and don’t have time to consume full meal. It is also suitable for those who want to lose weight naturally while stay healthy, without compromising their health or their overall well being.

            This shake is not only tasty and healthy, it can also help you shed-off several pounds efficiently and effectively. You may think that this meal replacement shake is just the same as the other products, but just try it on your own and you should see the general differences.

            Unlike other products which taste not so good, Herbalife meal replacement shake has very nice blend. If you add another mixture of fruits like fresh bananas, oranges, or strawberries, you can really enjoy tasty and refreshing drinks.

            Herbalife Shake

            Herbalife Shake Ingredients

            If you read the labels on the Herbalife Shake, you should see that this shake contains fiber, protein, and other important nutrients, which are good for cellular growth, body repair and production, and also metabolic system.

            As a meal replacement shake, you can always consume Herbalife without having to worry that you may lack of the important nutrients. This shake can also be used as after working out shake, since it contains high level of protein.

            Is it good? You bet it is! Is it handy to improve your health? It definitely is. The basic benefits and perks that you can enjoy from consuming this shake are:

            1. The high level of protein will ensure long lasting fulfilling effect, so you will easily get full and not easily get hungry anymore. Protein isn’t easy to be digested by the body. When the body tries to digest it completely, it will have to increase the body’s temperature; thus, leading to improve metabolic rate.
            2. Protein will also help you build muscles, which can help you burn off calories. When you limit your intake while at the same time building off muscles, the final result will be just amazing.
            3. The high level of fiber will also help your digestive system. Not only it will get rid of any digestive issues you have, you can expect healthier result that won’t disappoint you at all.


            As it was mentioned before, Herbalife shake is filled up with all the healthy vitamins and minerals. Here are the basic contents from the shake:

            • The shake contains up to 21 different nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Can you imagine all the great benefits from consuming the shake?
            • It contains up to 9 grams of fiber and protein that can do great things for your weight management
            • It contains 0 trans fat and saturated fat as well as 0 cholesterol

            For the detailed info, the shake contains:

            • 90 calories
            • 70 milligrams of Sodium
            • 145 grams of Potassium
            • 13 grams of carbs
            • 3 grams of dietary fiber
            • 9 grams of sugars
            • Vitamin A and C and also vitamin D and E
            • Calcium, iron, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, folate
            • Vitamin B6 and B12
            • Magnesium, biotin, copper, selenium, and zinc

            Appetite Blocker

            As a meal replacement supplement, this shake is filled up with the important substances that should help you feel more energized and healthier. Since it is filled with protein and also fiber, it will help you feel full for longer period of time.

            However, it contains only 3 to 4 grams of fiber. It means, it less than enough to keep us full for few hours. This little amount of fiber for hunger blocker was quite disappointing.


            Another great thing about Herbalife Shake is the fact that it is available in many taste and flavors. Available in canister of 750 gram, be prepared to enjoy the tasty feel of:

            • Orange Cream
            • French Vanilla
            • Dulce de Leche
            • Café Latte
            • Mint Chocolate
            • Dutch Chocolate
            • Wild Berry
            • Non GM Vanilla
            • Allergen Free Vanilla
            • Cookies and Cream
            • Pina Colada
            • Kosher Vanilla (only in 550 gram)


            A canister of Herbalife shake is sold around $52. However, you can get a very nice cut so you can buy a canister with only $33.50. If you think of it, you only spend around $1 per oz for this shake. Not only you will be healthier, you won’t have to hurt the wallet to buy the product.

            If you want to have a product that isn’t only healthy, but also comes in wide arrays of flavors options, you can definitely choose Herbalife Shake Mix.

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