Shakeology Alternatives: The High Quality and Inexpensive

This week there are some visitor of this website contact me. They were asking me if there are any Shakeology alternatives since this shake is expensive. Well, I though it is indeed a little bit expensive.

Shakeology is a great meal replacement shakes. It is one among the top 5 meal replacements shakes featured on this website. This shakes is not just an ordinary shakes which has multi-functional purposes and benefits (more on the review). However, the price is little or more expensive than the other brands. It sold around $129.95 at Amazon for 30 servings. So the cost per serving is $4.33 which I (and maybe you) think a little bit expensive.

Therefore, for you who are searching for inexpensive but high quality subtitutes for Shakeology, there are 3 (three) meal replacement shakes that I can recommended. These shakes have the amount vitamins and minerals, total calories, fat, appetite blocker which are almost the same with Shakeology. So what are they?

Shakeology Alternatives

Top 3 Shakeology Alternatives

Here are Quality and Inexpensive Shakeology Alternatives that you can use as subtitute for Shakeology.

#1 IdealShape

IdealShape ShakeIn terms of pricing, IdealShape is the most inexpensive shakes among these three alternatives. According to the official website, It sold around $49 per container. With 30 servings per container, this shakes cost only $1.33 per meal. This is why I consider it as the best alternative for Shakeology.

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When it comes into nutriton, IdealShape is packed with 21 minerals and vitamins, Slendesta, high level of fiber, natural potato extract and whey protein.

Slendesta helps you control your appetite, so you don’t easily get hungry and crave. This is supported by the Whey Protein which is make you feel full for longer period as well as helping you build muscles. Find more information about IdealShape here.

#2 GNC Total Lean Shake

Gnc Total Lean ShakeGNC Total Lean Shake cost around $26.24 (recently found at Amazon) with 16 servings per container. So, GNC cost is about $1.64 per meal.

This shakes comes with balanced manner. It is delivered balanced protein, minerals, fats, and vitamins. There is no excessive amount of a particular substance found on this shake. Check out the GNC Review here.

#3 ViSalus VI-Shape

ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake MixViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix is sold around $52.99 at Amazon. With 30 servings per container, it will cost you $1.77 per meal.

It comes with protein blend, whey protein, soy protein, and 23 different types of minerals and vitamins. You can expect loads of nutrients from the shake too. From the fiber, minerals, digestive enzymes, calcium, whey protein, and soy non GMO protein, you can imagine all the great benefits you can get from this supplement. Read the review for detailed info.

Comparison Table

To make easier for you to compare those three Shakeology subtitutes, I make two comparison tables which show you price and nutritional comparison between them.

Price Comparison


Nutritional Comparison

Total fat3.5 g2 g1 g2 g
Cholesterol10 mg5 mg15 g0 mg
Sodium210 mg100 mg75 mg150 mg
Potassium210 mg150 mg125 mgn/a
Carbohydrate11 g30 g7 g17 g
Dietary Fiber5 g8 g5 g6 g
Sugars1 g4 g< 1 g6 g
Protein11 g9 g12 g17 g
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Other Alternatives

Besides those three alternative for Shakeology, there are also some other subtitutes you can consider. They are:

So which alternative do you choose? Tell me on using the comment form bellow. Any suggestion or recommendation would be great addition too.

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65 thoughts on “Shakeology Alternatives: The High Quality and Inexpensive

  1. Sara

    What about flavor? Shakeology vs. ViSalus particularly???? I love my chocolate Shakeology, it’s the only one I’ve ever liked the flavor. Tks!!

  2. Deanie Bladed

    Your price on Shakeology 30 servings for 130.00 is wrong. That price is for 60 servings. 30 servings is 60.00 . I know this because I looked it up. Your numbers are wrong.

  3. Jessica

    You are totally right, I was Beachbody Coach and that is the right price of shakeology, Including that for us is about 100, but normally for everybody else is 129.95 + shipping. Shakeology never been at 60 dollars, not way. Right now I can not afford it Shakeology but I need something closer to help me get back on my weight, normally using shakeology with a banana for breakfast, now I have been eating breakfast, gained from 147 to 167 lbs, please your best advise for me please

  4. Diane

    I agree with one of the comments of taste. Was taste ever addressed? i love the taste of shakeology i make it very thick so it ls ilke eating icecream. thanks

  5. Cynthia

    I think I’d go with the ViSalus. Wish I could taste before I buy, but Shakeology is just too expensive. I’m thinking adding fresh fruits and veggies would help anyway.

    • ann hagerty

      Did Shakeology for 1 yr and just tried ViSalius. I am a Smoothie Junkie and have been for more than 10 yrs.
      The flavor and texture and blendability of ViSalius makes it an easy replacement for Shakeology. The Health Flavor mix gives variety to the Vanilla and satisfies a craving for Strawberry. I’m using the Sweet Cream (vanilla).

      All in all – the change over was smooth and the reduction on my wallet very welcome. I highly recommend ViSalius.

  6. michelle

    if i substitute lean shake in place of shakeology, then how many scoops for leans shake do i use. it says 1 scoop for lean shake but the direction on the lean shake says 2 scoops per 8-10 oz.

  7. Ambur

    the sweet cream ViSalus is actually really yummy. I suggest that you try it out. πŸ™‚ and its also way cheaper, an affordable meal replacement for sure.

  8. Tanya

    Vi salus tastes great very similar to shakeology.
    I made mine with almond milk and played with adding flavored such as applesauce and cinnamon- yummy.
    Their website has a large list of recipes
    This is the one shake I could get my husband to drink.


    do any of these have the “superfoods” like shakeology does? just wondering. any idea if these are safe to take while breastfeeding? thanks.

  10. Jasmine

    What’s the difference between protein shakes and meal replacement? Also is there a chocolate flavor you would recommend?

  11. Tammy Armstrong

    Are there any over-the-counter shakes I can buy like from a grocery store that have the same results as the shakes

    • Erina

      At the moment, we don’t have any inforamtion about shakes that can be found on grocery store which have the same result as listed on this article.

  12. Diane C

    I love the Shakeology Chocolate flavor and always add banana and frozen Strawberries, But the price is making me look for alternatives. I plan to try the GNC Total Lean this week as I am almost out of Shakeology. And this review has truly helped my decisions, thank you.

  13. Aly

    Visalus is on Amazon Prime right now for $37. which is $1.24 per meal. I just received my order and had my first sweet cream flavored shake. I made it in my Ninja blender with 8 oz of unsweetened Almond milk only so I could see how it tasted without adding additional flavor. It came out very thick and it tasted great. I’m full from it (breakfast about an hour and a half ago). I may try it another time with a banana or cocoa powder for variation.

  14. Kelli

    Walmart now has Omnihealth meal replacement shakes which I tried after using Shakeology for a while. I couldn’t afford Shakeology anymore so I figured I’d give the Walmart brand a shot. The packaging compares itself to Shakeology and it’s $25.97 for a 14-day supply so it’s significantly less expensive. The ingredient list is very similar but I can’t speak to how powerful or pure the health food type stuff (Chlorella, spirulina, etc.) is in this one or how much the amounts of each ingredient match up to the Shakeology. I can say thought that I’ve been using Omnihealth for 2 weeks, having a shake for breakfast every day, and it has a VERY similar taste, and keeps me as full as Shakeology did too . I mix with almond milk (and coffee for the vanilla and the chocolate) and ice. I’m sure I couldn’t tell one brand from the other in a blind taste test. I am feeling better too – more energetic. For what it’s worth. ****As an aside, I bought my Shakeology as a “coach” and one thing people didn’t mention above is that there is a monthly membership fee to be a coach, on top of the $99 shake cost. It’s billed separately but is required to get coach pricing. Thus, either way you are paying $130-$150/month for ShakeO. Most people use the membership to be able to sign other people up (earn extra $) and also for the on demand video viewing but I had no interest in trying to sell stuff to my friends, nor did I need to watch the videos as I’d already bought the ones I liked. So, basically, the “coach” status did little more than save me a few bucks off the retail price of the shakes.

  15. Lori

    Thanks everyone! New to 21 day. I am on a tight budget but want to lose weight and get healthy. I thought the Shakeology would wreck my grocery budget. I think I am going to order the Ideal Shape. I hope it is amazon, I am a prime member.

  16. Donna R

    Does Vi Salus or any of the brands you mention hv artificial sweetener in it? I’m allergic to most of that stuff.

  17. Keith K.

    This is the most helpful article I’ve read about Shakeology alternatives. Thanks so much to the author and ask if the commentators. Off to Amazon! 😊

  18. Ashley T.

    visalus is 89.99 for autoship and about 120 for one time… and it has 24 servings. maybe its because i went on their site.. who knows.

  19. Rachelle

    Thank you for this article. I’ve been wanting to buy shakeology for awhile now, but the price is way out of my budget. Just seen a deal for 20 single pack of idealshape for $20 and a free shaker. I jumped on it. Hope it tastes good. By the way I’m new to shakes.

  20. C. Rodriguez

    Isagenix is the best. The vitamins, protein in the products are great. I one week of taking the daily Isagenix vitamins I had lots of energy and my thinking was not so fussy.

  21. Becky

    Ideal Shape is yummy but left me so hungry, I did try Juice Plus shakes and they are yummy but have soy. I tend to stay away from soy, so far for me personally Shakeology has been the best for me. It’s helped me so much with my ibs.

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