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          • Give more energy
          • Reduce cravings
          • Maintain healthy body weight
          • Increase immune system

            Shakeology is not just an ordinary shake. It is a super meal replacement shake that can help you enjoy wonderful things within a single item only. Not only you can lose weight, you can also improve your overall health by simply incorporating the shake into your daily consumption.

            It is a product with multi-functional purposes and benefits. If you want to shed off a few pounds, this shake can do it. If you want to stay healthy and getting fitter, this one is your best option. If you want to build up muscles and improve the muscle mass, this product can help out. In short, whatever your need is, be sure that this shake can give it.

            Shakeology Chocolate


            One of the reasons why the Shakeology meal replacement shake is very good and promising is because of the powerful ingredients. Nothing is ordinary when it comes to the content. Not only you will find more than 70 healthy substances gathered from all spots in the world, you will find out that these substances can deliver amazing results that you want.

            You will find such things like super fruits, phytonutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, super protein, 9 adaptogen herbs, and even digestive enzymes to really boost your performance and power. The main benefits of having this product are:

            • You can reduce your intake without having to worry that you may lack of important nutrients and minerals. The product is packed with all the needed stuffs – vitamins, minerals, and proteins – which can boost your power and energy although you may not have as much intake as before. In this way, you can really cut off calories intake, without having to worry about being tired and exhausted all the time.
            • The product is designed with superfood formula so your body can get the various benefits. From consuming one product only, you can feel more energized, block the craving, stay healthy and fit, boost the immune system, and lose weight. Even when you have reached your ideal body weight, the product will make sure that you will stay on that weight; so there is no need to worry about gaining the weight back again.


            Everything about the ingredients of this shake is super. With super-food formula, super fruits, super protein, and super greens, you can really expect great performance and improvement with it.

            The vitamin, mineral, and protein are working together to suppress your appetite so you easily get full, not easily get hungry, and prevent snacking. Of course when you aren’t easily hungry, your intake will be reduced; resulting in weight loss.

            Adopten herbs are designed to fight off stress and increase the energy level. With 9 different herbs, you can be sure that your body is improved to the maximum level!

            Phytonutrients and antioxidants are working side by side to fight off dangerous free radicals as well as improving the immune system.

            Appetite Blocker

            The secret of the appetite suppressant is the existence of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients (not to mention also fibers) that will reduce hunger significantly and prevent any food craving. With Shakeology shake, you can avoid overeating as well, so you only consume what your body needs.

            All of the ingredients are working together to deliver the best perfection. Adaptogen herbs are designed to deal with energy boost, digestive enzymes will make your digestion system work better, and antioxidants will fight off any free radicals as well as helping the body go through detox stage better.


            The shake is not only available in chocolate flavor, it also comes with other flavors like vanilla, green berry, vegan chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. So, there are various other flavor options available to choose for. If you don’t like chocolate flavor, you may choose other flavors.


            The shake may be a bit more expensive than the other products, but it is truly worth it. By spending $130, you can get a bag full of 30 daily bulk serving – which is tasty and refreshing.

            If you want a meal replacement product that won’t disappoint you, the Shakeology shake is your best option. Don’t you think it is truly efficient and practical to have a product that can do it all? Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but it is truly worth it.

            If you still have doubts, feel free to read more Shakeology review and see how your opinion will be changed. You can also check some alternatives if you’re looking more affordable and still in the same level with Shakeology shake.

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            2 thoughts on “Shakeology Review

            1. Christina



              Appetite Suppressant




              I’ve been on Shakeology for a couple months and it’s way too expensive! 130 dollars on top of the 14 dollar shipping and handling fee…. no. You can honestly switch to another shake with the same ingredients for 1/4 of the price which I’ll be doing.

              Taste: I enjoyed the vegan chocolate anfld chocolate. The other flavors had a medicine taste to it.

              • Patti

                what is the shake that is 1/4 the cost of Shakeology and the same nutrients and benefits? I have been doing comparisions it takes alot of time, but will be worth it, but if you know one that has as much as that, I sure would appreicate it, as I so far have found two comparible possibly Rat Fit from garden life, and I was told 18 Shake is comparable, not sure totally yet, but if you have one that is like Shakeology I would love that as it to expensive for me as well.

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